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Deep learning :End to End Object Detection Masters

Become an Object Detection Guru. Build Object Detection model using Deep Learning with Tensorflow, Detectron2 and YoloV5

Deep learning :End to End Object Detection Masters

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Become an Object Detection Guru with the latest frameworks available like Tensorflow, Detectron2, and YoloV5. In this course, you will be learning to create four different object detectors using multiple frameworks from scratch. Creating end-to-end web applications for object detectors using multiple deep learning frameworks in this practical-oriented course. You will be a wizard of building State of the art object detection applications.

4 Real Time Projects Included for 4 different frameworks.

More updates coming soon with more content and sections

1. detecto  (May 2021 Update)

2. d2go  (May 2021 Update)

3. mmdetection (June 2021 Update)

4. How to use Paperspace for training? (May 2021 Update)

5. How to use DataCruch for training? (May 2021 Update)

6. Moving from Flask to FastAPI (June 2021 Update)

7. Dockerizing your Applications (June 2021 Update)

8. Deploying your Applications in Cloud (July 2021 Update)

This course will show you the strategies used by real data scientists and machine learning professionals in the tech industry - and train you for a leap into this trendy career path if you have any programming experience.

Over 100 lectures are included in this detailed object detection tutorial. The emphasis is on practical understanding and implementation.

This course was created to assist you in learning how to train and evaluate object detection models.

This is accomplished by assisting you in a variety of ways, including:

Developing the requisite intuition to address most questions about object detection using deep learning, which is a common subject in interviews for roles in computer vision and deep learning.

By showing you how to create your own models using your own data.

You'll be able to develop some effective Computer Vision solutions as a result of this.

You'll also have access to the Skype Group, which will enable you to communicate with me and your classmates.

So, what exactly are you waiting for?

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