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Excel VBA LOOPS & IF - VBA Analytics Series2

Know everything about basic & complex loops using IF functions. Fantastic in-depth discussion with lot of examples

Excel VBA LOOPS & IF - VBA Analytics Series2

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  • In this course - We are taking a deep dive into Loops and IF Functions with Select Case statements. You will not need to look back on Loops topic ever if you finish this course till end.

  • Detailed discussion on For Next loops - their use and significance . How to mold them in different ways and use in your projects.

  • Discussion on Do -While & Until loops from very basic level to advance.

  • Which loop is better or how about making a choice in loops over each other.

  • Learn loops using the basic and complex patterns in order to get mastery.

  • Detailed discussion on IF functions and their different syntax's. For example, Single IFs, IF AND, IF OR and Nested IFs.

  • Use of Else-IF and when to use it , How it is different from IFs without Else-IF blocks. With real time examples.

  • How to handle hundreds of conditions in one go using IFs.

  • What is the syntax of writing them. How they are used in Loops. How to write Loops and IF together to make awesome projects.

  • What is a Case Select statement- How it can be an alternate to IF conditions in VBA.

  • Why we should not run loops on F5 mode and prefer F8 - Let us understand this by using a practical code.

  • Whether it is a combination of IF with For next or Do Loops - we are discussing everything here taking great examples.

  • How to write Sub-Loops in Loops- you will find all relevant information here.

  • Different ways to write IF statements with else or without else.

  • What happens if you write IF with ELSE-IF  or each IF independently. Its a fundamentals.

  • Assignments for your practice and to monitor the self performance as to how well we understood the series and use of Loops along-with IF Functions.

    To help you in growing faster and be able to the assignments ,questions prepared for you an Online assistance to students is also given personally by me.

  • Students can ask questions related to the loops series and get their doubts cleared on immediate basis.

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