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Go: Building 7 Real-World Projects

Master the art of Go programming by working with real-world projects

Go: Building 7 Real-World Projects

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If you’re a programmer wanting to build scalable projects, this course is for you. Or if you’re a gopher with an interest in how the language can be applied in interesting ways, this course will meet your need.


Google's Go is among the favorites to build software that is reliable and efficient. It simplifies the whole developing process. In short, Go is the language of the Internet age.


Go: Building 7 Real-World Projects  exists as a blend of text, videos, code examples, and assessments, which together makes your learning and creating journey all the more fun and worth the cost.


This course takes a project-based approach. It starts with the installation but quickly takes you into app building. You’ll create a content management system (CMS) build up of smaller microservices. Then, move on to move on to performing testing and debugging.  This will ensure you're accustomed with the complete journey of an app creation before moving on to building the next projects.

Once, you’ve experienced project building, move on to the next one. Explore how easy building command-line tools is in Go and puts those skills to use to tackle the problem of finding the perfect domain name for our chat application. Then, prepare for the future of democracy by building a highly scalable Twitter polling and vote counting engine powered by NSQ and MongoDB. In the next project, expose capabilities through a JSON web service.


Further on, learn how to consume the Google Places API to generate a location-based random recommendations API that represents a fun way to explore any area. In the next project, build a simple but powerful filesystem backup tool for your code projects. Finally, build the API backend for a question and answer service similar to Stack Overflow or Quora.



By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to create start-up standard projects.

The goal of this course is to make you a skilled Go programmer.


This course is authored by some of the best in the field.

Ben Tranter

Ben Tranter is a developer with nearly six years’ experience. He has worked with a variety of companies to build applications in Go, in the areas of data mining, web back ends, user authentication services, and developer tools, and is a contributor to a variety of open source Go projects.

Rostislav Dzinko

Rostislav Dzinko is a software architect who has been working in the software development industry for more than six years. He was one of the first developers who started working with the Go language far earlier than the first official public release of Go 1.0 took place.

Mat Ryer

Mat Ryer has been programming computers since he was 6 years old; he and his father would build games and programs, first in BASIC on a ZX Spectrum and then in AmigaBASIC and AMOS on Commodore Amiga. Many hours were spent on manually copying the code from Amiga Format magazine and tweaking variables or moving GOTO statements around to see what might happen.

Mat is a regular speaker at Go conferences around the world and encourages people to come up and introduce themselves if their paths ever cross.

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