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GraphQL API with Java Spring Boot For Beginners

GraphQL API with Java Spring Boot & Spring Data JPA and MySQL. Learn GraphQL Query, Mutation, Schema, Resolver, Edge

GraphQL API with Java Spring Boot For Beginners

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***** Some Reviews From Students *****

  • best course on graphql. learned a lot.

  • learning in simple words and explained very well. thanks

  • A very good introductory course to learn GraphQL from scratch and implementing the backend in Java using Spring.

  • Very informative. Easy concept explanations and equally well practicals.

In this course you are going to learn to GraphQL With Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA.

Now a days Spring framework is widely used among Java Developers and specifically Spring Boot is in high demand to develop REST APIs.

The problem with REST APIs is that it is giving fixed response in the format of the JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation ). So there comes GraphQL in picture. GraphQL provides flexibility that in request itself we can ask which fields we want in response and it populates only those fields.

In simple words we can say select * query in SQL database is like REST API while ability to provide columns (fields) with query and to return only those fields is GraphQL.

GraphQL boosts performance of your application and it gives consumers flexibility that which attributes they want in response. REST API has problem of under and over fetching of data because of fixed structure of response and GraphQL eliminates this by providing only those attributes which are asked in the request.

In this course you will learn GraphQL in detail with Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA using MySQL database. In this course you will learn :-

  • What is GraphQL ?

  • Difference between GraphQL and REST API

  • What is Query in GraphQL ?

  • What is Mutation in GraphQL ?

  • What is Schema in GraphQL ?

  • What is Resolver in GraphQL ?

  • What is Edge in GraphQL ?

In this course you will learn to create GraphQL Query and Mutation with Spring Boot. You will learn to create Resolver with Edge in Spring Boot.

Project lombok is used to avoid boiler plate code in your Java Application. In this course you learn how to use Project Lombok with Spring Boot Application and you will learn -

  • How to have getter methods for Java Class using @Getter Annotation.

  • How to have setter methods for Java Class using @Setter Annotation.

  • How to have constructor for Java Class using @NoArgsConstructor and @AllArgsConstructor Annotations.

After finishing the course you will be able write GraphQL queries as shown in Promo video and also you will be able to deploy your GraphQL-Spring Boot Application to Heroku which is Cloud Platform.

Lets start journey of GraphQL with Spring Boot and Spring Data JPA.

Course Topics & Lectures :-


  • Introduction

  • Altair GraphQL Client

Introduction To GraphQL

  • What is GraphQL ?

  • What is GraphQL Query ?

  • What is GraphQL Mutation ?

  • What is GraphQL Schema ?

  • GraphQL vs REST API

Project Lombok With Spring Boot

  • What is Lombok and Why We Need Lombok ?

  • Spring Boot App For Lombok

  • Lombok Installation

  • Getters and Setters With Lombok

  • Constructors With Lombok

Getting Started With GraphQL

  • Spring Boot App with REST APIs

  • Setting Up Spring Boot App with GraphQL

  • Writing First Query with GraphQL

  • Defining GraphQL Schema

  • Run Query with GraphQL and Spring Boot

  • Running GraphQL Query with AltAir plugin

GraphQL Query

  • GraphQL with Input Data

  • JSON Inputs For GraphQL Query

  • Validations with GraphQL Schema

  • Change URL Of Application

GraphQL Query With Spring Data JPA

  • GraphQL App with Spring Data JPA

  • GraphQL Query with Response Model Class

  • Flexibility Of Response with GraphQL Query

  • Get List Of Data with GraphQL Query

GraphQL Resolver

  • What is Resolver in GraphQL ?

  • Creating First Resolver with GraphQL

  • Getting Data with GraphQL Resolver

  • More with GraphQL Resolver

GraphQL Edges

  • What is Node and Edge in GraphQL ?

  • Why Need Data Filter On Edge ?

  • Data Filter with GraphQL Edge

  • Get Filtered Data with GraphQL Edge

  • Get All Data with GraphQL Edge and Filter

GraphQL Mutation

  • Create Mutation with GraphQL

  • Mutation Input Schema with GraphQL

  • Running First Mutation with GraphQL

More with GraphQL Query

  • Enum As Input For Query

  • Enum In GraphQL Schema

  • Query Data By Enum

GraphQL-Spring Boot Deployment to Heroku (Cloud Platform)

  • Introduction To Heroku

  • Create Account On Heroku

  • Verify Account On Heroku

  • Download and Install Git

  • Download & Install Heroku CLI

  • Create Heroku Application

  • Getting MySQL Database on Heroku

  • Uploading data From Local MySQL to Heroku MySQL (SQL Dumping)

  • Heroku CLI Login

  • Deploy Spring Boot App On Heroku

  • Check Logs For Heroku Application

  • Heroku Application Settings

GraphQL Variable

  • What is GraphQL Variable ?

  • GraphQL Variable with Query

  • GraphQL Variable with Mutation

  • Multiple GraphQL Variables

GraphQL Client with Spring Boot

  • Updating GraphQL App with Latest Versions

  • Introduction To GraphQL Client

  • Create GraphQL Client Spring Boot App

  • GraphQL Client To Call GraphQL Query

  • GraphQL Client with Variable

  • GraphQL Client To Call GraphQL Mutation

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