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Build an Instagram-Like Android App Using Ionic 3

Create Awesome Instagram App from Scratch using Ionic Framework V3

Build an Instagram-Like Android App Using Ionic 3

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In this course, Build Instagram-Like Android App in Ionic, will take you step by step towards creating a complete awesome Instagram-Like Android app using Ionic Framework version 3 from scratch.

Building Android apps has never been easier. With Ionic framework, you will be able to create complete, well-designed, user-friendly Android apps quickly, test them, and upload them to Google Play Store. In this course, I'll be using these amazing features given by Ionic framework to build an Android application similar to Instagram. So by the end of this course you will have learned how to create a very complected app like Instagram for Android devices, and you will have your own version of the App!

This course is divided into three main parts:

  1. The first part is that You will learn how to design your app just like Instagram.

  2. Then I'll teach you all the logic to make the app functional.

  3. And finally I'll also teach you the back-end side where it's an essential part to make the app completely functional.

Therefore at the end of this course you will have an outstanding understanding of how an app like Instagram works, and you will be able to create complex apps as well!

Why take this course?

There are many benefits of taking this course for example you will:

1. Improve your programming skills by build a complicated app.

2. Be able to create your own Android mobile apps.

3. Be able to apply for Ionic developer jobs.

What will you learn in this course?

You will learn a LOT in this course, as this course covers the three main aspects of building an Android app: the user-interface, front-end logic, the back-end logic and connection to database.

Here is a list of topics covered in this course:

  1. How to install Ionic

  2. User interface design

  3. How to use Ionic documentation

  4. Ionic icons

  5. Create navigation tabs

  6. Create user profile

  7. Grid images

  8. Login page

  9. Sign up page

  10. Search feature

  11. Capture photos

  12. Upload photos

  13. Scroll infinitely

  14. Pagination

  15. Edit user profile

  16. Logout

  17. Create post

  18. Add comments

  19. Follow other users

  20. Unfollow other users

  21. Change profile image

  22. Like posts

Wish you a successful journey throughout this course.

See you!

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