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The Complete iOS SDK Development Course - be job-ready!

Integrate Facebook, AdMob, Amazon, Google Sign-in and other 3rd party iOS SDKs into your apps Xcode 10, iOS 12, Swift 4

The Complete iOS SDK Development Course - be job-ready!

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Are you an iOS developer looking to work as a freelancer or get a job in the industry? Do you want to increase your market worth? Do you want to learn how to integrate third party SDKs into your own app? Do you want to be job-ready and learn how to tackle most client’s requests when you work as a freelancer? If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions… then this course is for you!



This course includes ALL the mostpopular 3rd party iOS SDKs that you will need to learn to be job-ready. Some of the vendor SDKs we’ll cover include;

  • FACEBOOK: One of the biggest requests you will receive from clients (by far!), as it’s extremely important to learn how to use Facebook to authenticate users on iOS apps.

  • ONESIGNAL: It’s almost impossible to find any app that doesn’t send a push notification, so it’s crucial you learn how to send these quickly and easily. OneSignal is one of the most popular SDKs to do this, and I’ll help you master it!

  • AMAZON AWS S3: As the most popular app storage platform, if you upload a file through an iOS app, chances are that the file ends up on AWS S3 bucket. Learning to use AWS SDK is crucial to your career.

  • TWITTER: Users often prefer to login to apps using their Twitter account, so make sure you know how to do this!

  • BRAINTREE: Braintree is the most popular company for accepting credit cards and paypal payments in apps, and in this course you’ll learn how to set this up in less than 30 minutes.

  • ADMOB: A frequent client request is to add banner and full screen ads to their apps (so they can earn some money from the app!). AdMob is the most popular ad delivery platrofm – make sure you know how to install it! 

  • GOOGLE SIGN IN: The big ‘ol Google… ignore this SDK at your peril! Google sign in is a very popular request and, while not hard to implement, the documentation is extremely confusing (it took me two days the first time I tried it!) I’ll walk you through every step. 

  • CRASHLYTICS: What to… 1) know immediately if your app has crashed? 2) Know which code file the crash occurred in? 3) Know which line of code (including the line number) was responsible ? Learn how to install Crashlytics. It’ss saved mehoursof headache in my career.

  • FOURSQUARE: Get access to the most interesting/popular/trending places around you with the Foursquare API. The only limit you have is your imagination.

  • PARSE: Save simple app data to the cloud with the best Backend-As -A-Service on the market (and build your own Instagram!)

  • Others SDKs including DropBox, Firebase, Paypal, to name a few…


I created this course because of my experience working as a freelancer. Time is money as a freelancer, and the more time I spent figuring out how to implement SDKs on my freelance jobs, the less money I earned. Sometimes I had to turn down potential work because I wasn't sure I was up to the task. One potential client needed their app to work with DropBox; I haven't worked with Dropbox at that point and the documentation seemed scary and hard so I didn’t take the job.  If I had the resources provided in this course when I was starting out, I’d have worked much quicker, accept more jobs, and made more money

Here are some of the benefits this course can offer you.

  1. FAST RESULTS: Complete most SDK implementations in less 30 minutes. Don’t waste any more time on forums or google searches!

  2. BECOME SDK PRO: You know all the popular third party SDKs implementation, increasing the number of paid jobs available to you.

  3. INCREASED MARKET WORTH: A CV that shows you can manage multiple vendors with ease will increase your market worth dramatically. 

  4. BE A BETTER IOS DEVELOPER: Better iOS development skills and more confidence in your ability to work with other vendors SDK.

  5. GO BEYOND APPLE API: Know how to replace some native iOS APIs with third party products that can do the same, but better e.g Parse in-app purchase implementation is a lot simpler than using Apple's own API.

  6. BE MORE PRODUCTIVE AND SAVE TIME: Some third party libraries e.g SwiftyJSON allows you to write 90% less code than if you were to use Apple’s own API. Write 1 line of code instead of 20 lines!



I have been developing for 5 years on iOS platform and around 4 years working as a freelancer. I have integrated countless of third party SDKs into different apps over this period. Even though I have faced many frustrations, I still continue to learn how to add other SDKs into my app. I have developed over 100 apps in my career. I am passionate about teaching and I enjoy coding :) I have a bachelor degree in computer science and a masters degree in software engineering. 



This course assumes that you have some Swift and iOS development skills, around 3-6 months of programming in Swift and the ability to develop a basic iOS  app. The course is NOT for absolute beginner who hasn’t programmed in Swift. I explained in details all the steps in the course however a basic understanding of iOS development and some swift programming skills are required. 



Enroll in the course now so you can start learning immediately.There’s no better time to become a professional iOS developer. App development continue to grow and more developers are required with good salary. If you are ready to go to the next step in your career CLICK THE ENROLL BUTTON now. 



It's true that you can go on vendor's website and read through their documentations to learn how to integrate these SDKs into your iOS app, however, here are some of the issues you will face along the way...

  • Old codes in documentation:

    Most companies cannot write a comprehensive documentation to save their life, and when they do they forget to update as time change. For example, Facebook SDK still has Swift 2.0 example codes in it’s documentation at the time of writing this. If you attempt to follow documentations for these vendors, you will spend more time scratching your heads than writing code.

  • Poor documentation:

    Other issues you will commonly face is how poorly the vendor has written the documentation. The steps to follow are not in order and some are even missed out completely. You will wonder why things aren’t working, and then have to wait 2-5 days for an answer from support?

  • Ever changing implementation:

    We have vendors that change their SDK very often, but then forget to update the documentation at the same time. This way there's a big mismatch between what you are told to do in the documentation and what you are actually meant to do.



You will be supported throughout your journey in this course. If you get stuck on any of the lectures, you can use the Q/A section of the course to ask for assistance.I am committed to supporting my students on this course, I am constantly involved in the Q&A to provide assistance to anyone that needs it.



If you're ready to become a professional iOS developer and be ready to take on any job, then click the "Enroll Now" button and join the course today!



Watch some of the FREE preview lecturesto learn more about the course.Click the enroll button to join the course today!



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