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Kubernetes for Beginners

Get started with Kubernetes and learn how to deploy applications into production to start your DevOps career.

Kubernetes for Beginners

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This is the Kubernetes for Beginners. In this beginners-friendly course you will get solid understanding and practical experience with Kubernetes. Kubernetes is now de-facto standard for the deployment of the containerized applications into the production and it is the must-know tool for all DevOps engineers and software developers who want to learn how to run and test their applications in the production.

In this practical Kubernetes for Beginners course you will learn about key building blocks of the Kubernetes: Nodes, Pods, Services and Deployments.

During this course you will also perform following practical tasks:

  1. Create Kubernetes cluster locally on your computers using Minikube

  2. Manage Kubernetes cluster using kubectl

  3. Create Pods, analyze how they are assigned to particular Nodes and examine their internals

  4. Create Deployments and observe how Kubernetes automatically creates necessary Pods for this deployment

  5. Scale deployments, monitor deployments and observe what happens when some of the Pods fail

  6. Create Services to be able to connect to the Deployments both internally and externally

  7. Launch Kubernetes Dashboard

Also in practice activities you will learn how to deploy applications in Kubernetes following declarative approach:

  1. Create and apply YAML configuration files for the Deployments

  2. Create and apply YAML configuration files for the Services

  3. Modify Deployments and Services by making changes to the YAML configuration files and re-applying them

You will also learn how to perform following tasks:

  1. Perform rolling updates for the deployments

  2. Change container runtime from the Docker to CRI-O and re-deploy all previously deployed applications.

With this course you will get lifetime-long access to almost 50 lectures and tens of practical exercises. After the course you will get solid hands-on experience with Kubernetes and be able to deploy any application into the production using Kubernetes.

You will also get 30-days money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

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