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Learn SQL databases in a weekend

SQL crash-course with everything you need to jump into database programming projects. Learn it all in a single weekend!

Learn SQL databases in a weekend

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This is an intensive crash-course of SQL databases, the absolute essence. It contains everything you need to know to jump into real SQL database projects. And you can do it in a single weekend!

You will learn:

  • What SQL databases are and how they are structured

  • How to set up the necessary tools to get started

  • How to CREATE TABLEs and modify their structure later

  • How to export the data and table structure to a backup-file, and restore a database from a backup

  • How to INSERT data

  • How to write queries to SELECT the necessary data, including WHERE conditions, ORDERing, aggregation and GROUP BY, conditions * and functions.

  • What the mysterious NULL values are and why they behave so weirdly

  • How to DELETE data

  • How to UPDATE data

  • How to link together tables and select data from multiple tables using JOINs

The course contains a great deal of practical exercises:

  • Short quizzes to test your understanding along the way

  • Exercises in every section, including an extensive set of exercises using multi-table SELECTs with JOIN

  • A course project in Python and Java where you will read data from an SQL databases in your program

We will use the MySQL database engine - one of the most popular choices of SQL, a free and open-source solution.

Check out the free videos and see you in the course!

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