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LINQ from Basic to Advanced

Learn LINQ - Every module feature demonstrated with real-time examples

LINQ from Basic to Advanced

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According to Anders Hejlsberg the chief architect of C#. “Microsoft original motivation behind LINQ was to address the impedance mismatch between programming languages and database.”

BestDotNetTraining’s Online LINQ Training begins with all the prerequisite features of C# language which were added from 3.5 framework and goes on to understanding LINQ Queries Syntax and eventually concentrates on LINQ to SQL .

This Course is compiled by Mr. Sandeep Soni, Microsoft Certified Trainer with experience over 21 years.

Mr.Sandeep has worked closely with many IT companies and helped them with their technology resources training needs. He considers this to be the best part of his profession and he enjoys the most because he gets to meet new people; get involved in the ever changing technology needs and provide them with optimum solution to the problems they face in application development. This is how he keeps himself updated with the latest technology in the industry

He is always accessible to all his students anytime for any kind of question they may have. you can send him an email your queries at sandeepsoni@deccansoft.com. 

By the end of this course you should able to

  1. Leverage new features of C# 3.0, including extension methods and lambda expressions.
  2. Understand LINQ Architecture and Role to LINQ Providers
  3. Use LINQ to filter, sort, and group in-memory collections of objects.
  4. Perform CRUD operations using LINQ to SQL
  5. Create LINQ to SQL queries to execute SQL Server stored procedures.
  6. Understand how to resolve concurrency conflicts with LINQ to SQL.
  7. To deal with Transactions using LINQ
  8. Using Linq to DataSet for retrieving data from DataSet.
  9. Write LINQ to XML queries to search XML documents and save them to the file system.
  10. Build a real-world n-tier application using LINQ to SQL.

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