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Machine Learning with Python, scikit-learn and TensorFlow

Apply Machine Learning techniques to solve real-world problems with Python, scikit-learn and TensorFlow

Machine Learning with Python, scikit-learn and TensorFlow

Udemy Offer Course Description

Machine learning brings together computer science and statistics to build smart, efficient models. Using powerful techniques offered by machine learning, you’ll tackle data-driven problems. The effective blend of Machine Learning with Python, scikit-learn, and TensorFlow, helps in implementing solutions to real-world problems as well as automating analytical model.

This comprehensive 3-in-1 course is your one-stop solution in mastering machine learning algorithms and their implementation. Learn the fundamentals of machine learning and build your own intelligent applications. Explore popular machine learning models including k-nearest neighbors, random forests, logistic regression, k-means, naive Bayes, and artificial neural networks

Contents and Overview

This training program includes 3 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

This course will help you discover the magical black box that is Machine Learning by teaching a practical approach to modeling using Python, scikit-learn and TensorFlow.

The first course, Step-by-Step Machine Learning with Python, covers easy-to-follow examples that get you up and running with machine learning. In this course, you’ll learn all the important concepts such as exploratory data analysis, data preprocessing, feature extraction, data visualization and clustering, classification, regression, and model performance evaluation. You’ll build your own models from scratch.

The second course, Machine Learning with Scikit-learn, covers effective learning algorithms to real-world problems using scikit-learn. You’ll build systems that classify documents, recognize images, detect ads, and more. You’ll learn to use scikit-learn’s API to extract features from categorical variables, text and images; evaluate model performance; and develop an intuition for how to improve your model’s performance.

The third course, Machine Learning with TensorFlow, covers hands-on examples with machine learning using Python. You’ll cover the unique features of the library such as data flow Graphs, training, and visualization of performance with TensorBoard—all within an example-rich context using problems from multiple sources.. The focus is on introducing new concepts through problems that are coded and solved over the course of each section.

By the end of this training program you’ll be able to tackle data-driven problems and implement your solutions as well as build efficient models with the powerful yet simple features of Python, scikit-learn and TensorFlow.

About the Authors
  • Yuxi (Hayden) Liu is currently an applied research scientist focused on developing machine learning models and systems for given learning tasks. He has worked for a few years as a data scientist, and applied his machine learning expertise in computational advertising. He earned his degree from the University of Toronto, and published five first-authored IEEE transaction and conference papers during his research. His first book, titled Python Machine Learning By Example, was ranked the #1 bestseller in Amazon India in 2017. He is also a machine learning education enthusiast.
  • Shams Ul Azeem is an undergraduate in electrical engineering from NUST Islamabad, Pakistan. He has a great interest in the computer science field, and he started his journey with Android development. Now, he’s pursuing his career in Machine Learning, particularly in deep learning, by doing medical-related freelancing projects with different companies. He was also a member of the RISE lab, NUST, and he has a publication credit at the IEEE International Conference, ROBIO as a co-author of Designing of motions for humanoid goalkeeper robots.
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