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Microsoft excel from beginner to expert

Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Microsoft excel from beginner to expert

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It is not about how much data you have collected, but how you process, and bring in meaning using visuals.

It all begins with using the right tool.

Microsoft Excel is the industry leading spreadsheet software program, a powerful data visualization and analysis tool that can help you take your data analytics to the next level.

With Microsoft excel you can understand trends, patterns, use modern formulas to perform multi-functional calculations. Its best for students, lecturers and industry professionals involved in different kinds of data management.

You can plot different charts and graphs, sparklines charts and work with different types of tables including pivot tables and pivot charts that are dynamic in nature.

  1. Opening Microsoft excel

  2. Creating excel templates

  3. Overview of the excel platform

  4. Customizing the ribbons

  5. Sorting in excel

  6. Transpose data

  7. Adjust cell sizes

  8. Format painter tool

  9. Freeze panes

  10. Trim data

  11. Basic formular in excel

  12. Mean, median, mode

  13. 3D Formulars in excel

  14. Show formulars in excel

  15. Cells fill series

  16. Creating tables

  17. Quick analysis

  18. Plotting charts

  19. Adding second y-axis

  20. Forecast function in excel

  21. Plotting pie charts

  22. Plotting sparklines

  23. Format chart axis

  24. Hiding data in excel

  25. Pivot tables

  26. Plotting pivot charts

  27. Find and replace

  28. Inserting hyperlinks

  29. Data validation

  30. Dynamic maps in excel

  31. Convert PDF to excel

  32. Header and Footer

  33. Separate names

  34. 20 shortcut keys

  35. Camera tool

  36. Change backround

  37. Convert excel to pdf

  38. Copy excel data to word

  39. Adding borders

  40. Break passwo

  41. Creting Drop down list

  42. Excel document printing

  43. Creating organizational charts

  44. Protecting excel sheet

  45. Taking screenshot

  46. Excel free online

  47. Tips and Tricks Part 1:

  48. Tips and Tricks Part 2:

  49. Tips and Tricks Part 3:

  50. Tips and Tricks Part 4

  51. Tips and Tricks Part 5

  52. Tips and Tricks Part 6

  53. Tips and Tricks Part 7

  54. Tips and Tricks Part 8

  55. Tips and Tricks Part 9

  56. Tips and Tricks Part 10

Thank you for joining this course and i look forward to interacting with you.

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