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MYSQL Queries- Basic to Advanced Level for Professionals

Become a Masters writing MYSQL Queries to crack any Service and Product Based Mncs

MYSQL Queries- Basic to Advanced Level for Professionals

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This course is built for professionals whose backgrounds are not well versed in information technology, specifically database administration. But still have the need to extract, transform and load data from database, specifically MySQL databases. We recognize the need for you to quickly and efficiently create simple to complex SQL queries, which can give the necessary insights for you to fulfill your business requirements. So that you are to work on your tasks and projects free from complete reliance on IT support on such tasks. Ultimately reduce your lead time and ramp up your proficiency and independence at work.

Thus, in this course, we provide detailed step by step instructions on all the necessary SQL programming concepts; tips; tricks; MySQL keywords and functions needed in achieving the above goal. You will learn all the necessary skills to perform complicated extraction of raw data from MySQL databases. We will walk you through function dealing with Text, Number, Date. We will show you how to read relational databases, understand their structure; strength and weakness. You will learn how to interpret queries' results, read into their mistakes in grouping or joining tables that could create faulty information.

These are just a few values of this course listed here. We are excited to show you more, if you choose to attending this course. So, if you are responsible for extracting; transforming and/or loading data to and from MySQL database professionally or just as a hobby. But you don't need the cumbersome of database administration and all you need is writing powerful queries that can get the information you need for your tasks or projects. This is the course for you!!

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