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Kid Entrepreneurship - Business Launch Plan (12-18 year old)

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Kid Entrepreneurship - Business Launch Plan (12-18 year old)

Udemy Offer Course Description

This course is intended to be completed by a parent/guardian for their children.

Persons under 18 may use the services only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage.

Our entrepreneurship programs teach students the 21st-century skills they’ll need to succeed in the world’s changing economy.

Online Entrepreneurship Program - 16 Sections

Here are just some of the skills students will learn:

  • How to identify opportunities in the marketplace.

  • How to differentiate your product/service.

  • How to develop a target market.

  • How to develop a marketing strategy.

  • How to identify costs and develop pricing.

  • How to develop a business model.

  • How to present a business idea to an audience.

  • And much more….

Jobs Are Going Freelance

Forbes says that 2027, 50% of our workforce will be freelance. (Read article)

According to Upwork, a global freelancing platform, there are approximately 57 million freelancers in the United States (35 percent of the US workforce) that contribute more than $1 trillion to the economy. The same report asserts 51 percent of freelancers said, “no amount of money would entice them to definitely take a traditional job.” In other words, these individuals do not want to be classified as employees with the employer that contracts with them.* (Adam Crepeau – Main Wire Article)

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