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Concept Art Portfolio Boost

Essential practices for digital art portfolios

Concept Art Portfolio Boost

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So many talented digital artists and illustrators miss out because their best work is hidden in a confusing portfolio—where they loose the Art Director's attention and confidence.

This fun and quick course course is jam packed with professional advice for the Concept Art Industry. Boost your portfolio and make the Big Break happen with these simple, but effective, portfolio tips and tricks.

• Change your mindset to change your results - learn how to think like an art director in order to make strategic decisions about which work to include in your portfolio

• Choose the best website platform to host your portfolio - learn how to remove obstacles and get your best work in front of your audience as quickly as possible

• Impressions about your work are made in seconds. Learn how to stand out from the pack, hold the art director's attention and get a call back

• The quality of your work matters more than your resumé! Learn how to boost your credibility and appear as an established professional digital artist - one who is regularly working on high level assignments (even if you are just starting out)

Learn professional hacks for everything from portfolio psychology to appearing professional. These tips and mindsets will help to life you above the competition!

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