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PRINCE2 Foundation Practice Exams 6th Edition l Q&A by Area

Total of 274 Questions divided by Syllabus Areas (4 Learning outcomes) + Detailed and Rich Explanation per Question

PRINCE2 Foundation Practice Exams 6th Edition l Q&A by Area

Udemy Offer Course Description

This course is:

  • Based on the PRINCE2® 6th Edition (Latest Version)

  • Fully compatible with the 2021 version of the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam


Why take this course?

This course will greatly help you and boost your chances of getting Certified.

After taking this course you will have a clear idea of your readiness for the real PRINCE2® Foundation Exam and you will be able to identify and focus on your weakness and you will be fully prepared for what it is like to take the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam.

This course is designed around the official Exam Guide from PRINCE2® (The PRINCE2® 6th Edition), so you can pass the actual PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam with confidence!


This course includes:

Total of 274 High Quality Questions Close to the Real PRINCE2® Foundation Exam:

Fully compatible with the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam 2021 (rather than just being random questions about PRINCE2®).

Unique with "NO Repetition".

Cover All the subject areas / Syllabus of the exam as defined in the PRINCE2® 6th Edition Guide:

  • Learning outcome 1: Understand key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2® - 5 Questions

  • Learning outcome 2: Understand how the PRINCE2® principles underpin the PRINCE2® method - 8 Questions

  • Learning outcome 3: Understand the PRINCE2® themes and how they are applied throughout the project - 31 Questions

  • Learning outcome 4: Understand the PRINCE2® processes and how they are carried out throughout the project - 16 Questions

+ Detailed and Rich Explanation for each question based on the official Exam Guide from PRINCE2® (The PRINCE2® 6th Edition).


Course structure:

This PRINCE2® Foundation Exam course is designed/divided by Syllabus Areas: 4 Learning outcomes as defined in the PRINCE2® 6th Edition Guide to allow you to identify your weak points by area, in order to improve them.

So you will have 5 sets of questions (Timed):

• Set 1: Learning outcome 1 - Projects and PRINCE2® (7 Questions)

• Set 2: Learning outcome 2 - PRINCE2® Principles and Method (12 Questions)

• Set 3: Learning outcome 3 - PRINCE2® Themes (134 Questions)

• Set 4: Learning outcome 4 - PRINCE2® Processes (61 Questions)

• Set 5: Full-Length PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Simulator  (60 Questions - 60 min)


The best way to pass the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam is "To Practice".

So, I highly recommend to do all Practice Tests of this course several times until achieve score above 90% in each.

After Enrolling, if you need further clarification or have any questions, I'm here to help !

Send me a private message and I will respond to your requests.

I'll be happy to provide you with the necessary support and assistance.

Finally, Good luck !!!


PRINCE2® is registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

These practice exams are neither endorsed by, nor affiliated, nor in partnership with AXELOS Limited.

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