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Ren'Py Minigames 101

Learn to build minigames in Ren'Py & Python by building a Rhythm Game from scratch

Ren'Py Minigames 101

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Are you interested in game development and want to create engaging 2D minigames? Are you a Ren'Py developer looking to implement minigames in your projects? This is the course for you.

This course, Ren'Py Minigames 101, covers all the fundamentals you need to build your own minigame in Ren'Py.

We will develop a Rhythm Game from scratch and in this process, you will learn all the necessary Ren'Py and Python skills for working with Ren'Py's Creator-Defined Displayables.

In each lecture, we will make incremental changes to our code, and, at the end of every lecture, we will have a runnable Ren'Py project that shows tangible progress towards the final completed project.

Some topics that we will cover:

  • Ren'Py Screens

  • Ren'Py Creator-Defined Displayables

  • Rendering the game view

  • Implementing player controls with PyGame

  • Timing the music notes to any song with Python packages like Aubio and Librosa

  • Enhancing player experience with a Heads-Up Display (HUD) and other visual cues

  • Designing bonus features for the Rhythm Game

Some experience with Ren'Py, Python, and programming is strongly recommended. This course assumes Python knowledge including data structures (list, dictionaries), functions, and classes (Object-Oriented Programming).

If you need to brush up on your Python skills, check out my tailored Python for Ren'Py course on Udemy.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have implemented a rhythm game from scratch

  • Be able to build bonus features for the rhythm game if you wish

  • Have the skills to build your own minigame in Ren'Py and Python

Join me in this course to level up your programming and game development skills and develop a minigame for your next Ren'Py project!

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