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Mastering critical SKILLS in Algorithms using C++: Part 1

90 Challenges with their solutions to sharpen your problem-solving skills and smooth interviews preparations

Mastering critical SKILLS in Algorithms using C++: Part 1

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Almost all other courses focus on knowledge. In this course, we focus on gaining real skills.


  • The course covers a good subset of algorthmic topics

  • Learn the inner details of the algorithms and their time & memory complexity analysis

  • Learn how to code line-by-line

  • Source code and Slides and provided for all content

  • An extensive amount of practice to master the taught algorithms (where most other content fails!)

Content of this part

  • Online Judges and How to use

  • Recursion: Basics Review

  • Complexity Analysis (Part 1)

  • Sorting: Insertion, Selection and Count

  • Binary Search: Basic and generalised forms

  • Graph Representation

  • Graph DFS

  • Graph BFS

  • Graph Topological Order

  • Extensive practice on these subjects

Philosophy of the course 2 parts:

  • The first part focus on topics that are more common in interviews

  • The first part focus on topics that require less proving skills. This allow you to sharpen problem-solving skills more first

  • In the next part we proceed toward other important topics in the Algorithms field.

Teaching Style:

  • Instead of long theory then coding style, we follow a unique style

  • I parallelize the concepts with the codes as much as possible

  • Go Concrete as possible

  • Use Clear Simple Visualization

  • Engagement

By the end of the journey

  • Solid understanding of Algorithms topics in C++

  • Mastering different skills

    • Analytical and Problem-Solving skills

    • Clean coding for algorithms

  • With the administered problem-solving skills

    • You can start competitive programming smoothly

    • A strong step toward interviews preparation


  • Programming Skills:

    • Strong Programming skills

      • Solving a lot of basic problem-solving problems on fundamentals

    • Good understanding for basic recursion (E.g. Fibonacci)

    • STL, especially Vectors, map/set, unordered map/set

  • Highly Preferred: 

    • Do programming projects

    • Finish a descent data structure course (extensive data structure practice)

Don't miss such a unique learning experience!

Acknowledgement: “I’d like to extend my gratitude towards Robert Bogan for his help with proofreading the slides for this course”

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