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Your First Steps from Programmer to Software Architect

How to Become a Software Architect? Take Your First Steps to become a Software Architect Today!

Your First Steps from Programmer to Software Architect

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Becoming a Software Architect is the Next Step for a Programmer. The Path to Become a Software Architect is NOT very clear.

Do you want to understand How to Become a Software Architect? Do you want to know what is Involved in Building Great Architectures? Do you want to Know What You Can Do TODAY to become a Great Architect?


5 STARS - It is a great course for Engineers who want to become an Architect. Really appreciate the good work done by the Instructor.

5 STARS - Instructor is very knowledgeable and has given a very good introduction to the topic and has given me the right direction to improve my knowledge in this area and also to identify gaps in my knowledge and resources to find answers to them.

5 STARS - Amazing overview of Software Architect role, responsibilities, standards, process, technology & terms to be aware of. Awesome resources to refer to is a huge bonus.

5 STARS - Very effective course for aspiring architects. Very structured , crisp and informative.


How to become a Software Architect? This is the number one question that I’m asked when talking to Programmers and Senior Developers. And this course provides an answer to that question.

In this course, You will learn how to start your journey towards  becoming a Software Architect. You will understand what Architecture is all about and what your goal as an Architect should be. You will understand the thought process of successful Software Architects.

You will learn about the fundamental pillars of Sofware Architecture - Technology Skill, Domain Knowledge and Soft Skills. You will understand the importance of Enterprise and Application Standards with examples of REST API and Microservice Standards. You will learn about the importance of having Good Governance as a Software Architecture Team. You will learn how to make your teams productive.

In this course, we will NOT discuss about specific architecture patterns. The objective to get your mindset right.


  • 01 - Need For Architecture

  • 02 - Goal of an Architect

  • 03 - Fundamentals of Software Architect - Overview

  • 04 - Fundamentals of Software Architect - Technical Capabilities

  • 05 - Fundamentals of Software Architect - Domain Knowledge

  • 06 - Fundamentals of Software Architect - Soft Skills

  • 07 - Enterprise Standards - Overview

  • 08 - Enterprise Standards - Important Standards to Start With

  • 09 - Enterprise Standards - Process

  • 10 - Tip Don't worry about Terminology

  • 11 - Tip Thought Process of Successful Architects

  • 12 - Enterprise Standards - Design

  • 13 - Enterprise Standards - Tools

  • 14 - Enterprise Standards - Example - REST API Standards

  • 15 - Enterprise Standards - Example - Microservice Standards

  • 16 - Enterprise Standards - Monitoring and Governance

  • 17 - Enterprise Standards - Conclusion

  • 18 - Application Standards - Overview, Defining and Monitoring

  • 19 - Enabling Productive Teams as an Architect

  • 20 - Where can I start - First Steps to Architect?

  • 21 - FAQ and References

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