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Mastering SQL Server Query Languages - T-SQL, MDX, DAX & DMX

Query SQL Server, OLAP Cubes, Data Mining Models, Tabular Cubes & OLTP Database with 4 query languages & 1000+ queries

Mastering SQL Server Query Languages - T-SQL, MDX, DAX & DMX

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Top 4 Reasons to take this course:

1) You can learn T-SQL, MDX, DAX and DMX from scratch as well as ask questions directly to a Published Author, Microsoft MVP, and a Senior Technology Architect with more than 14 years of experience who actively practices Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Analytics in real-world client projects internationally.

2) In a single course, without any prior query development experience - You can learn four query languages -   T-SQL, MDX, DAX and DMX, in such detail that you can apply for a job of SQL Developer / SSAS Developer / Data Mining Developer. Also you get to compare the querying techniques in 4 different query languages side by side using examples from a single course, taught by a single instructor on the same sample data.

3) More than 1000+ queries are explained in the course on OLTP, OLAP and Data Mining Models. 

4) Downloadable Course Content:

  • 15+ curated reference guides from MSDN which provides exhaustive theory, syntax, examples and reference links for SQL Server, Data Mining, T-SQL, MDX, DAX, and DMX.
  • 1000+ Ready-to-use T-SQL, MDX, DAX and DMX Queries
  • Links to 1 Sample OLTP Database,  1 Sample Data Warehouse, 1 OLAP Database with sample data and data mining models.  

Course Description

SQL Server and SSAS Query Languages - T-SQL, MDX, DAX and DMX is a  course in which a student having no experience in database query development would be trained step by step to a level where the student is confident to independently work in a high-performing database development project.

Course includes job-oriented practical hands-on queries with explanation and analysis, and theoretical coverage of key concepts. This is a fast track course to learn practical query development on 4 query languages using the latest version of SQL Server - 2016. No prior experience of working with any query language is required. Even installation of SQL Server, SSAS and Sample Data is covered in the course. 

The course is structured in the following categories: Fundamentals, T-SQL, MDX, DAX and DMX. All the query languages have a common coverage that explains Selection, Joins, Grouping, Filtering, Sorting, Navigation, Calculations on the corresponding data models.

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