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Laws of Persuasion & Influence

Become a Viking of using Psychology of Cognitive Biases, Persuasion, Mind Control, Manipulation, Deception and Influence

Laws of Persuasion & Influence

Udemy Offer Course Description

I have read every book on persuasion available in the psychological department of persuasion such as Fascinated, Influence, 48 Laws of Power, etc. I have read many articles of Harvard Social Psychology studies. This course is a compilation of all that. And ofcourse, there is more than just that.

This course is a work of deep study and rigorous application of psychological principles of persuasion and influence. I have picked the methods of persuasion and shared with you (my deepest understanding on this subject) in this very course. I have made this course invaluable and total in itself. I am sure this will become the top course on persuasion on udemy by your love and support.

Other courses on the psychology of persuasion are based on different techniques of persuasion. What makes this course unique is that it is based on the timeless laws of persuasion. Extracted right from the minds of Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Robert Cialdini, and other greatest influences of all time. I also give away freely unheard principles of persuasion because they are my own inventions. So, this course is definitively something you can bet on simply because the content is rare.

Structure of the Course

Welcome to the Top Udemy course on Psychology of Persuasion & Influence. We will learn a lot of persuasion psychology, persuasion techniques that you can use in sales, communication, leadership and generally to get your way in life. I will tell you the difference between Persuasion, Influence, Seduction, and Deception & Manipulation. This is unusual. Something you will not find on the internet. I will show you how to use persuasion like a Viking. It is important to know your weapons before you use it.

There is a concept of pre-suasion. Meaning do something (making others vulnerable to) your persuasion spells. You will learn unusual 28 Techniques of Persuasion & Influence. These are simple tricks that you can play around with once in a while just for fun. I will also show you when to use eye contact, silence, the perfect words to say, Hand Gestures, etc.

You will also learn Self Deception. How you persuade yourself, how you influence your own behavior, How you fool yourself. And finally after Most Persuasive Techniques You Can Use to Increase Your Influence you will learn How to Use Psychology of Cognitive Biases for Persuasion & Influence

Additional Benefits:

  1. These principles can be used in Communication

  2. These principles can be used in Copy Writing

  3. These principles can be used in Sales and Marketing

  4. These principles can be used to Control human behavior

The trick is to understand the psychological laws of persuasion and twist them according to the context of application.

I'll cover the below Persuasion & Influence Psychological Concepts in this course (BUT NOT LIMITED TO)

  1. Psychology of Persuasion & Influence

  2. Understanding Deception & Manipulation

  3. How to use Cognitive Biases in real life

  4. How to improve communication skills

  5. How to become influential and persuasive

  6. Persuasion Hacks based on Psychology of Thinking Errors

  7. How to read Minds (Somewhat)

  8. How to control Minds (Somewhat)

  9. Robert Cialdini principles of persuasion

  10. Effective Communication Techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP

  11. How to convince people easily

  12. Words that Persuade and Influence


The information in this course is invaluable to anyone looking to understand the art of persuasion. - Eva Reign

Very complete and interesting course. A must have. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about. - Carlos Renato Dias

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