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SwiftUI Getting Started - Basics to Advanced

The best guide for SwiftUI beginners

SwiftUI Getting Started - Basics to Advanced

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When Apple launched SwiftUI, iOS developers everywhere were impressed with the innovative technology.

Apple has provided this new framework as a way to quickly build beautiful user interfaces for any Apple device using just one set of easy-to-use tools. With the new declarative syntax of SwiftUI, it takes less code to keep your code and design perfectly in sync.

SwiftUI works seamlessly with new Xcode design tools and significantly speeds up development by showing your code changes in real time! 

This course walks you through the basics of SwiftUI in a structured way intended to help beginners quickly get up to date with this exciting UI framework. This course is a series of lessons covering the different SwiftUI components one by one.

In each video, you'll be introduced to the topic, explained how the logic works, shown examples, and then discuss best practices when it comes to building real applications.

We start learning basic components like text views, modifiers, and containers (ZStack, HStack, VStack).
We then cover state management using @State and how to input text into a textfield.
We end by covering the more advanced components like List, TabView, and Form.

If you want a clear explanation of each of the SwiftUI components, this is the course for you.

SwiftUI is the future of iOS development and the best time to start learning is now!

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