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The Building Blocks of Tech in Finance

Explores the technologies in financial services with Alessandro Di Lullo: Co-Founder, Super Charger Ventures.

The Building Blocks of Tech in Finance

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About this Course

This course explores the why, what and how of technologies in financial services. You will acquire a foundational understanding of technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, API, Blockchain and Cloud Computing and how they are being used in the financial sector via practical examples and case studies. The course will also discuss the main drivers behind this transformation and why all finance professionals should embrace and leverage this opportunity.

Course Curriculum

1. The New Rule: We Are a Tech Company

In 2017, Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO at the time, stated “We are a technology firm. We are a platform.” Various technologies have been used in finance since we could all possibly remember. So, why is technology in finance is so important today? This chapter explores the driving forces of this phenomenon and why all finance professionals are impacted and why everyone should care about it and act on it.

2. The New Infrastructure: Data, Cloud & APIs

As the volume and variety of data institutions have to manage grows exponentially, they can use new technologies such as cloud computing and APIs to streamline their operations and offer new value propositions that leverage their massive repositories of data. In this chapter you will understand key elements of these technologies and how they can fundamentally change the way businesses operate.

3. The New Engine: Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential of completely reshaping finance as we know it and while that may seem as a prediction, the reality is that it is already being applied in every vertical of financial services, powering new entrants and innovative institutions to take the lead with new business models, products and services. This chapter gives you an understanding of Artificial Intelligence, from its technologies such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to initiatives implemented by different different players deploying AI technologies.

4. The New Paradigm: Blockchain & Crypto

Blockchain and Crypto are two of the hottest topics in financial services, holding the promise to create more efficient and equitable processes, and organizations are finally recognizing applications of these technologies across several verticals. In this chapter, you will learn the building blocks of blockchain technology and its key applications in finance.

Learn more about this course with our expert Alessandro Di Lullo - Co-Founder, Super Charger Ventures. Alessandro Di Lullo is the Co-Founder of SuperCharger Ventures, a company which helps great entrepreneurs change the way education works. Academically, Alessandro is a PhD Candidate at the University of Hong Kong and Research Fellow at the Asian Institute of International Financial Law, specializing in the areas of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and Monetary Policy. He is currently teaching the first Fintech & Entrepreneurial Finance course at EDHEC Business School. Previously, Alessandro was Director of Academia & Entrepreneurship at CFTE and led transformational projects in Europe, MENA and APAC.

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