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Chrome & Firefox Extensions Development: Zero to Hero [2021]

Learn everything about web Extensions Development and make an ad-block extension from scratch (+10 applications).

Chrome & Firefox Extensions Development: Zero to Hero [2021]

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Are you trying to learn how to develop an extension for either Google Chrome or Firefox? What about learning how to develop an extension for both web browsers with almost the SAME effort and time. can't believe it? the difference between both web browsers is very little. you will see it yourself across the course.

The purpose of this course is to teach you everything in a very simplified way from scratch even if you aren't experienced in coding, it's not a quick course but it has everything you need.

You'll even learn how to read and use the official documents and API reference in case you even want to learn more after this course.

This course isn't stuffed with useless videos just to make it longer, instead, every video is actually focused right on the point but, I've taken my time to explain and apply everything to make the process easier and more comfortable. from the beginning to the end you'll even find optional coding videos in case you wanna follow the coding process line by line.

Join me now on this journey and let's make some awesome extensions.

Things you will get in this course.

You will learn everything about extensions' development step by step in a very simplified way that suits the beginner level (All work files are attached and +10 extensions for each web browser).

we will start with the definition of extensions,

then we will make our first extension to get familiar with the process

after that, we will understand what we have done and get to know the main components or files of our extension and their content

then we will start our coding process using HTML and javascript

if you are not familiar with HTML and javascript you will find an optional section in which you can get a general idea about them and how to learn them

then we learn how to control our web browser using browser API we will learn and demonstrate the most important browser APIs then we will how to read and use the browser API reference so, you would become able to use all available APIs by yourself when you need them

after that, we will learn how to control websites, changing their style, and manipulate their content such as adding removing elements

finally, we will learn some tips and tricks or advanced techniques that I've learned over years and will make the process of making complex extensions much easier

after that, we will use everything we have learned to make a real ad-block extension that is ready to be published right away on the web-store

then eventually we will of course learn how to distribute our extension either manually for our friends and teammates or on the web-store for everyone

and all this isn't just for one browser but two of the most widely used web browsers nowadays Google chrome and firefox.

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