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Modern Java: Learn about the Java Programming Language

Learn about JavaFX, JavaIO, JDBC & much more. By following real-world examples & high quality produced video tutorials.

Modern Java: Learn about the Java Programming Language

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Hi! So my name is Pascal Krause and I am one of the leading instructors of this course, where you fully learn how to successfully learn programming with the popular programming language Java, by using the powerful IntellIJ IDEA IDE. This being said, this course provides you everything you need to start creating & writing your own custom program, by using the programming language Java.

So basically as already said this course fully covers the programming language java. So in this course you will get step-by-step to your own best results you can & will achive. So you will start learning all this, by following the lectures, understanding images & materials and solving high advanced real-world examples & practice tests. Also this course will offer you many background things, like creating & writing your first program, working with databases and files, apply excel to java, variables, datatypes & much more.

So clearly now, what does the course offers you?
The course offers the following things:

  • Learning the complete basics of the programming language java

  • High quality content, materials & images

  • Use & understand variables, functions & datatypes

  • Write your first own custom java program

  • Learn how to add maven to your java projects

  • Successfully setup your development environment

  • Working with database & files to be able to store & work with data

  • Learn to understand & solve exceptions in java

  • Learn how to use excel with java together

  • Publish, export & import your code

  • Publish your source code

  • Learn the function & usage of streams in java

  • Start out with Object-Oriented Programming

  • Understand java classes, packages, interfaces & enums

  • & much more...

Okay, but all in all why should I take this course?
Take this course because of the following things:

  • The course provides active support to every question

  • Up to date content

  • Experienced instructor with 4+ years experience

  • Real-world examples & example projects

  • Many different challenges, you can solve yourself

  • 16+ hours of on demand video content with English captions

  • 170+ lectures split over to 22+ sections

  • High quality content, with high resolution videos

  • & much more...

So as already explained, this course really covers everything you need to know to begin with creating your own custom java programs. As also explained the course will take you step-by-step, with real-world examples & practice changelles to the best knowledge you can achive. So all in all this course is everything you need to successfully start out with the complete java programming language, to start write your own custom java programs.

Also as always, if you are not 100% satisfied with the course it self or any course content you don't like or you got other unspecific problems with the course, you can get your money back, by using Udemy's 30 day money back guarentee. This basically means you can get your full money you paid for the course back withing 30 days after the purchase of the course happened. But all in all I am really confidant that I am the best person to take you through this entire course & this very interesting topic.

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