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Unity 2020 URP Make a juicy 2d Shooter prototype

Create a fun shooting mechanic, simple enemy AI and juicy gameplay by adding visual and sound feedback

Unity 2020 URP Make a juicy 2d Shooter prototype

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In this course we tackle some intermediate topics like AI and we code it in a way that you can reuse it - which also can be a bit more difficult for beginners. The course is about creating the 2d shooting mechanic and polishing it with multiple special effects for it to be fun to play. We will create a simple AI system for the enemy using FSM, create custom Shaders, and explore why it is important for others to playtest your games and give you feedback.

Course should work with changes done to Shader Graph in version Unity 2020.


Full project files in zip archive added to each section at the end.

Each video where we write some code now has a link to scripts on github.


Let's make a 2d top-down shooter in Unity 2020 using universal Rendering Pipeline and focusing on juiciness of the gameplay!

In this course beside implementing a standard game mechanics like shooting, picking up health/ammo and enemy AI we will focus our attention on adding visual and audio details into our game. URP will helps us a lot with its 2D lights system and the Shader Graph Editor which makes creating shaders (how game graphic is rendered) really easy.

While it is important to have bug free game mechanics that fits our game genre we also want to make our game stand out. Our goal is to make the game fun to the players and it is achieved only by balancing our game and making sure that our player knows exactly what is going on in the game. In this course we will focus on the latter.

Feedback is the main path that we as game designers have to communicate to the player what is going on inside the game. To make sure that our player feels like his / her actions influence the game world (Agency) we will make sure to give every action appropriate visual and audio queue. An example would be that shooting will cause the screen to shake, enemies on being hit flash and are knocked back, bullet that hits a wall will produce ricochet sound and a cloud of dust - in summary the player will hopefully have fun playing our game.

We will implement custom shaders, animations, tweens (animations using code - DoTween asset and inbuilt Coroutins), audio effects and light effects. in addition we will stricture the project in a way that you can easily balance the game by exposing important settings/values using ScriptableObjects.

To create the project we will utilize UnityEvents to make sure that we can easily add new actions to the events happening in the game from Unity inspector instead of having to modify out code. I will do my best to show you how to write object oriented, clean code so that you can easily understand it.

I encourage you to check out the free video about the outline of the course to learn more.

See you in the course!

-Peter from Sunny Valley Studio

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