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Web Development for Absolute Beginners - Learn by building

A project-based approach to web development —learn how to code from scratch by building a part of Facebook with HTML/CSS

Web Development for Absolute Beginners - Learn by building

Udemy Offer Course Description

This course is an absolute beginner’s guide to web development, so if you don’t know anything about building websites or even what websites are, then you’re in the right place. In this course, we'll use a project-based approach to learn how to build websites. We'll be building the Facebook landing page with HTML5 and CSS3. The course is easy to understand and simple to follow along with. There's no assumption that you already know a few things. Everything is explained in an easy way from scratch.

Some of the things we'll learn in this course include:

  • What web development is

  • HTML tags

  • What developer documentation is and how to use search engines

  • HTML tag relationships

  • Indentation and proper HTML practices

  • HTML forms

  • How to work with images in HTML, the <img> tag and why we need the alternate text attribute

  • An introduction to CSS - what CSS is and its role in web development

  • CSS measurement units - the absolute and relative units

  • Using classes to target web elements

  • Colours in web pages

  • Creating page layouts with CSS grid

  • How to link CSS files with HTML code

  • What specificity is in web development

  • How to style forms with CSS

  • Creating and styling buttons in web pages

  • Using CSS to style links

  • CSS Pseudo-classes

  • Working with CSS playgrounds

  • Best practices in web development

  • How to write readable code and why it is important

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